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From ideas to concepts, from concepts to strategies.

Dissemination, Communication and Design

Treat your EU project as a brand that reflects its core values and objectives through a strong and distinctive visual identity with the goal to be recognised by your audience and create impact.

We can go through this process together.
Our experts will help you develop a unique and consistent brand for your EU project designing

the logo,

fonts, colours, shapes and forms,

visuals and any other materials which will help you to convey your key messages.

To make your project stand out in front of the eyes of the evaluators, the preparation of the project’s visual identity will begin at the proposal stage. If not, our help can be even more valuable when your project gets funded when it’s the time to build your brand.

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“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”
Winston Churchill

We cannot afford not to be careful about what we say and how. The work you invested behind each proposal is way too much to just let it be. Sending a message out and hoping for the best, is not usually the best solution. It never is, actually.

Observing your audience, thinking as they do and testing different techniques are all part of the game. Don’t'be impatient and prick up your ears: if you listen carefully data and numbers will speak back to you and tell you what the right path is. Don’t use the same recipe for everyone. It doesn't work like this.

In your EU project, communication starts from proposal stage. Who is going to be the ultimate beneficiary of your carefully planned project? Who will be interested? Usually, we dedicate a work package to Dissemination and Communication and, especially with the upcoming Horizon Europe, the next EU Research and Innovation programme, its importance will grow.

Our strategic digital communication consultancy includes:  

  •     Mapping out who the right audience is
  •     Selecting the right channels for your audience  
  •     Setting out a Digital Communication Strategy

If you are at proposal stage, we can:  

  •     Draft your Dissemination & Communication work package


The importance and the role of social media has grown in the past years making them a distinctive part of the Dissemination and Communication of the EU projects to raise awareness and engage with the audience. Already at the proposal stage and to make your project competitive, you need to identify the social media channels and the KPIs. But not all the channels are relevant for all the EU projects and not all the KPIs will help u reach impact and achieve your projects objectives.

Here is where our job starts!

Our social media management consultancy will include:

    1. Suggesting the most relevant social media accounts for your target audience

    2. Setting up and managing the social media accounts

    3. Identifying together the key KPIs and not overpromising

    4. Creating a tailored social media strategy


As they say, content is the king! Meaning that your project’s website should be updated frequently with valuable content which aligns with the needs and interests of your target groups and informs about your projects development and results! Based on our experience, in the Dissemination and communication plan, there are usually KPIs on the number of visitors in the website, number of blog posts, number of news items and press releases. To achieve them, there is a lot of work to be done!  

We can help you:

    1. Build a precise content plan  

    2. Find topics relevant in your field and assist you in the content process  

    3. Engage your partners in the content creation process  

    4. Write key messages and adjust the language and tone for your social media accounts, dissemination materials, website, online campaigns etc


To attract the attention of your audience, good content brings 50% of the success. The other 50% comes from the online or offline materials. Either you join an event, or organise an online campaign or prepare the projects dissemination materials, good and visually pleasing design is required. Our experts can help make your project messages visually attractive. Good visuals can make a difference.

Our experts can give you useful advice on designing eye-catching brochures, leaflets, posters and any other kind of printed materials you think will present better your project’s findings tailored to your target groups.  

Do you prepare a policy brief for policy makers? Or a leaflet for the general public? Or a booklet for researchers? We are here to understand your needs and provide you with the best solutions.

Also do you need to prepare visually appealing visuals, infographics, GIFs, short videos or even a promo video for your EU project? We have a vast experience of producing creative online materials for different purposes that make your project stands out.


Our Team

Francesca  Monaco
Francesca Monaco
Communication Strategist
Evdokia  Bairampa
Evdokia Bairampa
Communication Manager
Fruzsina  Foltin
Fruzsina Foltin
Graphic Designer
Gloria Bevilacqua
Gloria Bevilacqua
Junior Communication Manager
Cătălina  Vrabie
Cătălina Vrabie
Junior Communication Manager
Lucie Meier
Lucie Meier
Graphic Designer
Attila  Bódi
Attila Bódi
Graphic Designer


We will help you tell the story of your project through content and visual creation.

AQUA-LIT merchandising

USB sticks mock-ups. EU project dissemination material.

AQUA-LIT social media

Branded Instagram feed with curated content.

Untold Stories branding

Completely branded and designed a successful startup event.

Untold Stories event

Run the whole online and offline communication for an international event.

Untold Stories merchandising

Content creation and design for merchandising

Startup Europe Networks

Content creation and Web design for EU-focused initiative

Startup Europe Networks

Branding, visual identity & merchandising

Startup Europe Networks

Responsive web design

AQUA-LIT social media

Social media strategy, content writing & content curation 
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EU R&I Funding

From concept phase till financial audit. Managing an EU project and fully understanding its financial rules requires the high level of knowledge which our experts can give you. Let them support you.

Dissemination, Communication and Design

To have many great ideas is not enough. A strong common message needs a distinctive visual identity, the right tools and an effective strategy.


Reaching your goals together