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EU R&I Funding

You have a new colleague on board, but you soon realise that they need some extra help managing the EU project you assigned to them. Or perhaps some other colleagues are working on an incredibly complicated project and have a long list of questions they don’t find the answers to and it’s costing them too many headaches.

Our solution

In case you lack the time or expertise to train your colleagues, you can count on us.

Our experts can support your team at your own premises or ours (pandemic allowing) or completely remotely. We’re flexible and we adapt to the circumstances.  

Perhaps a course on a specific topic is enough. Or maybe it’s better to upskill your colleagues on the whole functioning of the EU projects lifecycle. You decide.  

This service is a combination of capacity-building and short-term consultancy. By the end of this training, your colleagues will be able to stand on their own two feet. 

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You’re finding it hard to cope with the overall management of your running project. There are issues you don’t find the answers to, you’re unsure about others and there are simply too many IFs. The everyday administration, financial issues and the legal obligations towards the European Commission are starting to get a bit confusing. Especially when you have H2020 and HEU financed projects running parallel.  

Our solution

Our experts are just an email send button away from you. Depending on when you would like our support, we can either be always there for you throughout the running of the project. Or we can support you on those specific crucial times such as reporting periods.  

If you’re the coordinator, we can help you respond to all your Grant Agreement obligations by making sure you keep the project on track. Consortium management, budget reallocation, setting up monitoring systems or simply project meetings etc are only some of your contractual obligations towards the European Commission.

Types of support

Any day support: We can support in any legal, administrative, financial, communication issue with a certain number of days availability /year – depending on the number of days and promised speed of responses to client the fee varies.

Ad-hoc or time-bound: We can support you when you need it – e.g. in each reporting period (as an example you book our expert 2 times for 3 months support in your 3-year project in advance). The fee varies according to the speed of answers.  

We can help in all managerial duties of the coordinating organisation. We can revise partner’s individual financial reports and make sure there are no discrepancies or mistakes. This type of service may require only a few hours – just to clear your doubts. Hourly fees vary according to the expertise needed.

Please note that we will not develop the content of your deliverables or reports.

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If you would like to get more involved in EU projects, but simply do not know where to start...

...We can help you first see if your organisation can apply to receive EU funds and then we can show you which funds are most suitable for your organisation.


If you have a great idea for a specific open call, but you’re having trouble writing it down...

...We can help you develop your thoughts and structure them, so they meet all the requirements.

...We can pre-evaluate your (final) draft proposal in 1-3 steps and help you see what needs restructuring or improvement before submission.  


If you have written proposals in the past, were not selected to be funded, but would like to know if they can be given another chance at future calls...

...We can analyse them and help you see what changes could be implemented based on the comments of the evaluators and our expert opinion to give it another try. 

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Your financial department fully understands the accounting rules of your country and organisation. You need to align this system with Horizon 2020 financial reporting rules and then Horizon Europe cost reporting rules. Cost calculations, internal invoicing, remuneration for projects and timekeeping are changing from H2020 to HEU and you need to be fully aware of how to deal with those differences. Proper alignment with your accounting is a must.

One way to prevent a small mistake from turning into a huge problem, is via doing a mock audit.  

Maybe you have you been audited by the European Commission and you’ve been asked to correct your system and procedures to avoid any negative consequences. Or maybe you will have an official EC audit soon.  

Whatever the situation is, our financial expert can run a whole mock audit with you and make sure you go through a whole audit 100% bullet proof.  

Through the simulation we’ll make sure you’re administrative and financial procedures are fully compliant with the requirements that EU projects need to follow based on the Grant Agreement. 

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Our Team

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Gabriella Lovász
Managing Director
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Krisztina Tóth
Director of Corporate Affairs
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Ömer Ceylan
Managing Director


Our clients are the living proof of our value.

Click on them and see how we helped them succeed.

Koc University

Our Mock-Audit helped improving their financial management.

Hungarian Academy of Sciences - COURAGE project

We supported the GAP and reporting phases.


We helped to align their EU funding strategy.

Norwegian Research Council

Our framework contract covers all sorts of services with a focus on in-house training courses.


We provided pre-evaluation services with a 14.5 result.

Prophylix Pharma

We supported the coordinator in every-day management and reporting.

University of Thessaly

Our pre-evaluation services contributed to a winning proposal.

Bar-Ilan University

Our cooperation focused on supporting researchers with concept and project development.

University of Oslo

Our contract focuses on capacity-building, pre-evaluation and management related services.
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EU R&I Funding

From concept phase till financial audit. Managing an EU project and fully understanding its financial rules requires the high level of knowledge which our experts can give you. Let them support you.

Dissemination, Communication and Design

To have many great ideas is not enough. A strong common message needs a distinctive visual identity, the right tools and an effective strategy.


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