Europa Media Trainings

Guide to EU funding 2021-2027

Course lead

Learn how to find your funding scheme within the EU funding system - how to build up an EU funding strategy - what do you need for successful fundraising and last but not least how to put together a good EU project proposal.

Course content

This course is intended for beginners in EU funding.

We will enhance the skills of the participants in understanding what EU funding is good for and we will provide practical tips on developing proposals under EU competitive programmes.

Our course adopts a practice-based approach, providing directions and guidelines on proposal preparation.

The knowledge presented in this course is the result of the hands-on experience of our team gained in developing and implementing EU funded projects over the past 20 years.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

1. Navigate through the EU Funding System 
2. Decide about EU Funding 
3. Write coherent and competitive project proposals
4. Look for help 
Estimated time investment of the course: 4 hours 
Content of the course: 10 presentations; 3 quizzes
The course is accessible for 3 months.

Navigating the EU funding system

The EU funding system is complex, but there is a logic behind. Learn how to navigate through the different programmes and select those that fit your objectives.

EU funding strategy

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Proposal writing

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