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Webinar sessions on EU funding

Join us for quick and informative e-learning sessions on EU funding within our brand-new Europa Media Learning Repository. You will have unlimited access to all past Europa Media webinars and e-learning chapters where we share useful information on proposal writing, project management and finances as well as legal issues. Learn with us how to tackle all the different challenges that you might come across during your EU project journey!

Below you can see a list of available webinars and every second month we will publish a new webinar together with its sub-topic and relevant guiding documents.

Webinars Watch demo Sub-topics
Coordinators’ guide – actions, tools and templates for Horizon 2020 project managers Horizon 2020 project management tools and templates
Horizon 2020 personnel cost calculations – rules and examples for additional remuneration Horizon 2020 basic financial rules
Ambition, Impact and Innovation – how to describe these in a Horizon 2020 proposal? Impact and Exploitation in Horizon 2020
Features of a good Consortium Agreement Legal agreements in Horizon 2020 – templates and examples (NDA, MoU, LoI, CA etc.)


Europa Media has been organising face-to-face international training courses on EU programmes since 2004 and we have also developed e-learning courses on research framework programmes and held webinars on specific topics related to Horizon 2020. We are now merging the best of these training elements into one learning repository guaranteeing not only regular updates, but also a good mix of theory, practice and interactivity.

Learning Repository

Horizon Europe

H2020 checklist: Eyes on Horizon Europe

The ultimate checklist on how to: Develop a H2020 proposal, Manage your H2020 Project, Survive periodic and final reporting and Fulfil EC monitoring requirements.

Made in collaboration with EMDESK

The EU Research and Innovation funding landscape 2021-2027
List and useful summary highlighting the linkages of EU R&I programmes with Horizon Europe.
What innovation did you introduce in your H2020 project?

What is innovation anyway? Is there an EU definition of innovation

What would the EU expect as innovation in your project proposal?

EU funding information

Employment and Social innovation Programme (EaSi)
The European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation promotes a high level of quality and sustainable employment, guaranteeing adequate and decent social protection, combating social exclusion and poverty and…
European Social Fund (ESF)
The European Social Fund (ESF) supports policies and priorities aiming to achieve progress towards full employment, enhance quality and productivity at work, increase the geographical and occupational mobility of workers…
URBACT III Programme
For more than ten years, the URBACT programme has been the European Territorial Cooperation programme aiming to foster sustainable integrated urban development in cities across Europe. It is an instrument…

Guiding material

Project toolbox

A set of documents that supports your partners and makes the coordination easier.

Internal website

A useful management tool.

How is the EU Budget distributed?

This document describes the main sources of income and the budgetary expenditures.

Budget Development Exercise

With this interactive exercise you can try and create your own H2020 budget. Test your knowledge!


Budget Template H2020
Timesheet sample
Task monitoring table