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Horizon Europe

What innovation did you introduce in your H2020 project?

What is innovation anyway? Is there an EU definition of innovation

What would the EU expect as innovation in your project proposal?

The EU Research and Innovation funding landscape 2021-2027
List and useful summary highlighting the linkages of EU R&I programmes with Horizon Europe.
H2020 checklist: Eyes on Horizon Europe

The ultimate checklist on how to: Develop a H2020 proposal, Manage your H2020 Project, Survive periodic and final reporting and Fulfil EC monitoring requirements.

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EU funding information

Humanitarian Aid
The Community's humanitarian aid comprises assistance, relief and protection operations on a non-discriminatory basis to help people in third countries, particularly the most vulnerable among them, and as a priority…
ERA-NET (European Research Area) The ERA-NET instrument under Horizon 2020 is designed to support public-public partnerships in their preparation, establishment of networking structures, design, implementation and coordination of joint activities…
Creative Europe
Creative Europe is the European Commission's framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors.

Guiding material

Coordinator's Guide to Horizon 2020 projects
We have collected the handiest templates, project management tools and practical tips, and supplemented them with examples for better clarification, so that you can directly use them in your projects.
Skills of a coordinator

What kinds of skills a coordinator needs.

Internal website

A useful management tool.


Dissemination exploitation report table
Cost justification template
Person Months Status table