Knowledge Base

Guiding material

Coordinator's Guide to Horizon 2020 projects
We have collected the handiest templates, project management tools and practical tips, and supplemented them with examples for better clarification, so that you can directly use them in your projects.
Project management platform
A list of those platforms you may find useful for the management of your Horizon 2020 project
How to find a H2020 call

See where and how can you find a H2020 call of your interest.

H2020 - Evaluation procedure

Description of the evaluation criteria and the process of evaluating H2020 proposals.

H2020 Funding Schemes

Learn about the action types financed in Horizon 2020.

How is the EU Budget distributed?

This document describes the main sources of income and the budgetary expenditures.

Financial management

Where does it all start? – At the budget development phase of proposal preparation.

Where does it end? - 5 years after the closure of the project (2 years in H2020)

Project toolbox

A set of documents that supports your partners and makes the coordination easier.

Internal website

A useful management tool.

Ethical issues

Horizontal issues are getting more and more important. Let's see how to consider ethical issues - we share a few useful websites.


What is to be saved, archived in an EU project.

Skills of a coordinator

What kinds of skills a coordinator needs.

Risk management

Do not leave it out. It will be carefully evaluated.

Participating as a partner

What are the tasks and responsibilities of a partner organisation in an EU project?

Is it worth to get involved?

Advantages and disadvantages of the participation in EU projects.

Basic information on IPR

What is IPR and why is it important?

Tasks of a coordinator

What is in the guideline and what else is there you should keep in mind?

H2020 - Register an organisation

If you want to participate in a H2020 project proposal, your organisation needs to be registered in the Research Participants Portal. See how.