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As calls for 2016 approach to their end, new opportunities arise already for next year.

Before the summer break, you may take advantage of the InfoWeek on calls in 2017 for Societal Challenge 2 (Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, maritime and maritime inland water research and bio-economy). These free-of-charge events will allow you to have an overview on the next funding opportunities available, network with peers and ask for clarifications from EC officers.

For a more detailed and comprehensive knowledge on how to build successful proposals and how to manage funded projects, we are here to help you. Our European Funding Academy will take place on 21-24 June in Budapest, Hungary, and will provide you with our knowledge on the full lifecycle of research and innovation projects funded under Horizon 2020. Check the agenda or contact us for any further information.

Moreover, you may already explore the calendar for autumn and winter 2016: registration is now open for courses until December, with a new addition: a course focusing on Dissemination, IP and Exploitation in Horizon 2020. Have a peek into these issues in Valentina’s latest blog post.

We look forward to meeting you in our next training courses and sharing experiences on EU research and innovation with you.

Gabor Kitley Anita Ihasz
Gabor Kitley Anita Ihasz
CEO Key Account Manager
Excellent response to call for ideas on European Innovation Council

More than 1000 replies and 170 supporting documents were submitted in response to the European Commission's call for ideas on a European Innovation Council to support Europe's most promising innovators.

A first analysis shows that over 80% of respondents agree or strongly agree that the lack of disruptive market-creating innovation is an obstacle to growth in Europe. Many commented that although there is a wealth of good ideas and skilled people and many promising start-ups, companies are struggling to scale up.

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MY-WAY: Indexing European Ecosystem

MY-WAY, a Startup Europe project with the goal to help more young adults to become successful web entrepreneurs, recently launched a visual mapping system to index Europe’s startup ecosystems. It provides aspiring entrepreneurs and young people thinking about starting up with info and contact details about VCs, angel investors, accelerators, service providers and other players in their local startup scene. The overall design of the map is very easy to use and intuitive, but there is also a Beginner’s Guide which helps you to make the most out of the map’s search functionality. The MY-WAY team is updating the map daily, aiming to reach more than 1,000 indexed entities in the coming months. If you have an addition to the map, please feel free to email the project coordinator directly.

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Roaming when travelling in the EU

The European Commission works to reduce roaming tariffs when travelling in the EU.


Source of figure:

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Horizon 2020 Calls for Proposals

Developing a comprehensive approach to violent radicalization in the EU from early understanding to improving protection

Deadline: 25 August 2016

Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities (forthcoming)

Deadline:7 March 2017

R&I on IoT integration and platforms (forthcoming)

Deadline: 25 April 2017

Horizon Prize - Engine Retrofit for Clean Air

Deadline: 12 December 2017

Blog Posts
Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication: the ultimate checklist!
Valentina Zuri

Dissemination and exploitation of project results are an obligation for every Horizon 2020 beneficiary. Horizon 2020 funding, after all, is obtained via taxpayers’ money: therefore, the investment made by the European Union must be converted into socio-economic benefits for the society as a whole, in a transparent and accountable way.

Clearly, in certain instances your outputs may need to be kept confidential for security reasons, or they should be formally protected so that you may economically benefit from them; but in the vast majority of cases, your EU-funded endeavours will produce new knowledge, findings, and products that can bring considerable benefits to the European society as a whole, so you are expected to find the most efficient ways to “give back” to society.

Force majeure in EU projects in practice
Istvan Pari

No matter how detached an average Horizon 2020 R&I project in general may seem from global politics, certain aspects still can affect even the most research focused initiative with no ties whatsoever to politics or global security.

Even though the suicide bombings in Madrid and London over a decade ago were terrible with devastating numbers of victims and casualties, retrospectively they did not seem to have the same effect which now tends to creep into our everyday life here in Europe on the wake of the dreadful events occurred in Paris, Brussels and Istanbul recently. Ever since the attack on Charlie Hebdo, Europe started to have a sample of the bitter taste what it feels like not taking your safety granted. The coordinated attacks in November 2015 reinforced this notion and brought it to a whole new level, by targeting random civilians at multiple locations at the same time, rather than focusing the wrath of a few selected jihadists with a twisted justification on a few journalists. Until that point you might have felt that since you do not mock Islam you might be safe, but the Bataclan proved you wrong.

15 - 16 June 2016
Brussels, Belgium
The European Development Days
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29 June 2016
Brussels, Belgium
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Forum 2016 – Where business and research talent meet
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26 - 27 September 2016
ICT Proposers' Day 2016
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Upcoming Courses
21 - 22 June 2016
Budapest, Hungary
Horizon 2020 Proposal Development
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21 - 24 June 2016
Budapest, Hungary
European Funding Academy
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23 - 24 June 2016
Budapest, Hungary
Horizon 2020 Project Management
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23 - 24 June 2016
Budapest, Hungary
FP7&H2020 Master of Finance and Administration
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Disparities between Member States: Parental leave
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Data, Thieves & Cloud - How to share your data
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Quick Guide on EU Projects e-Learning Webinar Training Courses In-House Course Consultancy Partnership
Quick Guide on EU projects E-learning Webinar Training courses In-house courses Consultancy Partnership

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