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Intelligent Energy - Europe
36 months
Vienna University of Technology
AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies        
CIMNE BEEGROUP, - Building Energy and Environment
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving - Energy Policy Analysis Department
EURAC research - Institute for Renewable Energy        
Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd.        
HESPUL - énergies renouvelables & efficacité énergétique        
IREC - Catalonia Institute for Energy Research        
Greenspace Live Ltd.        
Energy Cities  

The AIDA project aims to accelerate the market entry of nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB). This means energy efficient buildings and the use of renewable energy sources. Currently, there is a lack of intense actions to spread knowledge about NZEB. It is evident, that citizens will be better prepared and more willing to adopt NZEB, if their municipality sets an example thus giving them direct access to and experience of NZEB. Raising awareness towards NZEB among local authorities and building planners becomes a key factor. the target group of this proposal are primarily municipal representatives as market multipliers on the demand side, and also architects and master-builders on the supply side. AIDA offers action tailored to suit each of these groups including study tours, operational success stories, presentation of existing tools, active support for municipalities and close cooperation with key actors. The core objective of AIDA is a widespread market adoption of NZEB, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, which are important factors to reach the 2020 targets.

AIDA objectives will be achieved by an active involvement of key actors: Associations of municipalities and architects. AIDA has a notable benefit for the target group and contributes to EU’s 2020 targets significantly in enabling a sustainable future.