Europa Media Trainings


It all started back in 2000, when we applied to our first FP5 programme.
We put our first consortium together, we coordinated the project and it was a success!

Since then we kept writing EU proposals, winning projects and expanding our areas of work.

Until one day we realised we could do more than this. We could teach others to do the same!

Since then over 10.000 people have attended our training courses and learned how to write and manage proposals.

Our expertise and experience are what make us unique and give us credibility. We can tell you we know how hard it is to be involved in EU projects because that is what we've done for the last 20 years, and we have no intention to stop.

The Team

We are a multicultural team with diverse background including engineers, geologists, financial and communications experts, but we share a common connection, passion for European projects. Together we share personal and professional experiences, and we support each other through thick and thin.

Our experts develop their own proposals and coordinate and manage their own projects under and H2020 on a daily basis, making our training courses and advisory services 100% practice-driven. No other major player in Europe currently matches this approach.

Communication & Dissemination
Marketing & Communication
Startup (Female)
Project managers
Information technology
Startup & Innovation
  • Gábor Kitley
    Gábor Kitley
  • Gabriella Lovász
    Gabriella Lovász
    Managing Director
  • Ömer Ceylan
    Ömer Ceylan
    Managing Director
  • Krisztina Tóth
    Krisztina Tóth
    Director of Corporate Affairs
  • Bese Pál
    Bese Pál
    IT Director
  • Eszter Horváth
    Eszter Horváth
    Communications Manager
  • Péter Gyuris
    Péter Gyuris
    Senior Project Manager
  • Katalin Balazs
    Katalin Balazs
    Senior Project Manager
  • Mariana Mata Lara
    Mariana Mata Lara
    Project Manager
  • Frosina Ilievska
    Frosina Ilievska
    Trainer, Project manager
  • Balazs Kozak
    Balazs Kozak
    Project Manager
  • Fruzsina Foltin
    Fruzsina Foltin
    Graphic Designer
  • Hajnalka Farkas
    Hajnalka Farkas
    Office Manager
  • Masa Kaddoura
    Masa Kaddoura
    Junior Project Manager
  • Iasmina Cioroianu
    Iasmina Cioroianu
    Project Manager
  • Francesca Monaco
    Francesca Monaco
    Communication Strategist
  • Peter Gabriel
    Peter Gabriel
    Back end specialist
  • Jelena Lazic
    Jelena Lazic
    Trainer, Project Manager
  • Krisztina Ádány
    Krisztina Ádány
    Training Coordinator
  • Evdokia Bairampa
    Evdokia Bairampa
    Social Media Manager
  • Aleksandra Zivanovic
    Aleksandra Zivanovic
    Social Media Manager
  • Maria Beatriz Rosell
    Maria Beatriz Rosell
    Project Manager
  • Dóra Badai
    Dóra Badai
    Marketing and Sales Coordinator
  • Carolina Pascaru
    Carolina Pascaru
    Junior Project Manager
  • Zsuzsanna Selmeczy
    Zsuzsanna Selmeczy
    Junior Project Manager
  • Dora Leitner
    Dora Leitner
    Junior Project Manager
  • Juan Carlos Malave Campos
    Juan Carlos Malave Campos
    Graphic Designer
  • Csongor Biás
    Csongor Biás
    Startup Expert
  • Gergely Buda
    Gergely Buda
    Project Manager
  • Rita Balázs
    Rita Balázs
    Content Manager
  • Balázs Léb
    Balázs Léb
    Database and business intelligence developer


We’re not hiring right now,
but we’re always looking for motivated people who’d like to join our team.

The profiles we usually look for are:

  • EU Project Manager
  • Project Intern
  • Graphic Designer
  • Communication/Marketing expert
  • Web Programmer

Check if you belong to any of the categories and drop an e-mail to: