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Inspiring stories in times of uncertainty

Francesca Monaco
27th March 2020
10:55pm Amélie soundtrack has been gently playing in my ears for the last few minutes. A soft but warm light is shed on my laptop, bathing with orange everything around…

Hello from the other side!

Jelena Lazic

My dear H2020 friends, followers, enthusiasts, experts, and freaks. Today I am sitting in my home and brainstorming how to revolutionize our traditional face-to-face courses and transform them into an online format.

Stay Home with Europa Media

Aleksandra Zivanovic

Hello, my fellow quarantine heroes. Yes, you are a hero for staying home and maybe we don’t have a fancy red cape, but these days we have a chance to save the world while wearing our pyjamas. (Yes, I’m wearing…

The Innovation Advisor: A key position for Horizon Europe

Gabriella Lovász

Horizon Europe will start in the not too distant future and within the new framework programme one position within research organisations will become indispensable: the innovation advisor

How to report horizontal activities in a H2020 project?

Gabriella Lovász

Before delving into the topic of our next webinar, let’s check we really understand what ‘horizontal’ activities really are.

EMG Group is now part of the community of Ambassadors

Francesca Monaco

Let’s keep celebrating our 20th anniversary! Out of coincidence, only a couple of weeks ago we were awarded a prize for Conscious Business Culture by Bridge Budapest. In this interview, we discussed with Krisztina Tóth, Director of Corporate Affairs at…

What do Coca-Cola and an EU project have in common?

Aleksandra Zivanovic

What comes to your mind when you hear the name Coca-Cola?

Impact at the centre of Horizon Europe programme

Evdokia Bairampa

“I warmly welcome this agreement with the strong support for the new European Innovation Council and our mission driven research agendas. We are now on track to launch the most ambitious ever European research and innovation programme in 2021, shaping…

A Decade in Project Management – Sharing Personal Experience

Liliya Levandovska

2020 marks 20 years for the EMG group and 10 years for me working with EU funding both as a researcher and a project manager in Budapest, Hungary.

EMG Group, celebrating 20 years in EU projects

Francesca Monaco

Did you know that this year our company turns 20 years old? We can’t tell you how excited we are to be celebrating such a milestone, and we wanted to share this moment of happiness with you.

UN's Ocean Decade: A decade to reverse the decline of ocean health worldwide

Mariana Mata Lara

What a better way of starting a decade than declaring it a decade to reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health? The United Nations has proclaimed a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) to support efforts to…

The importance of writing good minutes

Zsuzsanna Selmeczy

Have you ever had a meeting where you left feeling like it went well, but nobody took minutes and pretty much everything in the meeting becomes forgotten and has to be discussed again in a follow-up meeting? Or when somebody…

5 Ways To Find Your Next Partner

Gabriella Lovász

Many researchers find it difficult to know where to start their search. Typically, the problem isn’t that researchers aren’t looking for new partners, they’re just searching in the wrong places. Searching for a partner for your next research project (e.g.…