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Everything you need to know about our events and the most common questions for EMG CREDIT users.

In this FAQ you will learn about how our training courses and webinars work and what they are. If you are an organisation willing to purchase courses for your team, you will also see how to do so with our EMG Credit and what are the benefits.


Europa Media offers a large scope of services, including face-to-face and online training courses, in-house courses, consulting services, dissemination, communication, and design services. For detailed information, visit our consulting page

The shortest face-to-face course Europa Media offers is a half-day course, and some of our courses are up to 5 days long. Depending on the topic, type of the course, its complexity, and the knowledge level of the participants, the duration of our courses vary, and the length is always indicated in the course description.

Webinars last from 1 hour to full-day. Some series last up to 3 days. Duration and starting time is always indicated in the description of the webinar and in the emails following registration. 

The courses in general mirror our own approach to projects and are a combination of theoretical presentations and practical hands-on workshops. 

Yes, all of our webinars are recorded. If you wish, you can buy a recording at 10% off the original price. 

As part of the course material, you are getting the presentations from us, so feel free to follow your usual practice, either to take notes or just enjoy our experts’ presentations. In any case, no need for presentation photographs. In case you want to take photos of/with other participants and publish them, make sure everyone agrees! Please note that participants are not allowed to make audio/video recordings during the courses. 

At company level, we are using Zoom, a video conferencing platform. You will receive instructions on how to use it before the webinar you enrolled in starts. To fully benefit from Zoom, we recommend you download the Zoom application on your desktop or phone. In the past, we have experienced that using the web browser version may prevent you from seeing specific exercises. Nonetheless, you can join the course without registering to Zoom. All you need is the Meeting ID or Personal Link Name.

Our courses are held in various locations over Europe. The locations are not connected to the topics, so you can choose the topic you are most interested in and join us in e.g., Vienna, Barcelona, Brussels, our own office in Budapest, Amsterdam, Lisbon etc. 

In short, our courses are for project managers and coordinators, research advisers, EU grant advisers, researchers, financial managers and accountants, grant officers and research administrators, NCPs, employees coming from public institutions, universities and research institutions, SMEs and large companies, and civil society organisations. Note that we additionally emphasise the target group in the description of every course based on the topic (e.g., whether the course is for newcomers or for the more experienced audience, for the financial and procurement department of for your colleagues who just started their Horizon Europe projects etc)

Understanding the EU funding system and gaining skills in proposal writing and project management under EU programmes can provide you a competitive edge as this a very specific field with particular rules and procedures.

We provide electronic Certificates of Attendance per request. You just need to write an email to our team at

You can pay by credit/debit card via REVOLUT or by bank transfer, depending on your preference.

Online Payment: By registering online, you can take advantage of the online payment system. The online payment systems utilise PayPal, which is a secure online payment system that allows participants to pay immediately with a credit card.  

Bank Transfer: You may also pay via bank transfer after you have received your pro-forma invoice, which includes the necessary bank transfer information (account number, IBAN number, SWIFT code, etc.). Once the transfer has been made, please e-mail a copy of the confirmation to our team at

The electronic invoice will be sent once the payment for the course has been received. 

In order to take part in the Europa Media training courses, applicants shall send their payment in advance, at least 10 working days prior to the start of the event. Please do not forget to indicate the number of your invoice and the name of the applicant on the bank transfer order. 

After registration, we will send you an e-mail with detailed information concerning administrative and payment issues. If you do not receive this confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder and/or call Europa Media at +36 1 453 3801.

You will need a functioning computer, a stable internet connection, a microphone and a webcam. We recommend using headsets, but this is up to you. Test your system well in advance so you do not run into technical difficulties during the webinar. We can also help you test the audio.

In order to get the best out of our service, we have a limitation of 25-30 people maximum per course. If we are sometimes restricted by the venue itself (e.g., our office), the number of attendees can vary, and we always emphasize this information in the course description. 

Regarding webinars: The number of participants present in the 1-day webinars shall not be more than 30. The short webinars will have no limitations. 

You can read the Terms and Conditions available on our website. Same applies to the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy.
You can drop a question in our contact box and we will get back to you in no time.
If the organisation you work for has decided to finance your EU project management knowledge, then you just need to insert the code in the appropriate box during the payment process. Your organization will be informed of your purchase.
You just have to click on our prepaid services and choose the price bundle which suits you best. In case you don’t find a suitable package, please contact our team at 
Yes, you can pay for more courses at once. Just keep adding them to your cart. 
Prepaid packages are valid for 1 year from the purchase date.

Our clients mainly use prepaid services for their employees to attend multiple courses, and webinars or listen to recordings. Depending on the package, you can also combine course attendance with consultancy hours. 

For quick self-assessment, please use the quiz we have prepared for you and your team. We can do further knowledge assessment during calls and meetings, where we can suggest the perfect service based on your answers to our questions about the team, projects, previous experience etc.
This is what we do! No matter the level of your team, we tend to offer the best service tailored to fit your exact needs. We assess and adapt during the collaboration period as well – if we agree you need a slight change of service or topics shift, we gladly adapt!

Bringing together selected team members to work on specific topics might be a better and more targeted investment for your organisation. Tell us what your team needs and leave the rest to us. Specific seminars and workshops can be organised both online and offline. For more information, please contact our team at

Yes. If you received a discount voucher with a code from us, you can redeem it by supplying the special identification combination of letters and numbers in the designated area on our application forms (it cannot be changed for cash or cannot be refunded). Please read about other discount options in our discount policy in the T&C.

It may be possible to charge the training fee on a project if this has been planned in the budget and approved in advance by the European Commission.

Based on the European and national VAT regulations on the rules of supply of services and VAT refunds, in case of educational services, the place of supply is where the services are physically carried out. For business customers based in the EU and having an EU VAT number and for business customers based outside the EU no VAT will be charged. For these organisations, taxation will take place in their country. For all individuals (not business customers/legal entities having a VAT number) and for Hungarian legal entities, the VAT will be charged.

Your cooperation ideas and project ideas are more than welcome. Please send us a brief summary of your collaboration idea to email, and one of our colleagues will contact you in due course.

Read the conditions in our Terms of use (chapter 8.2 - cancellation by the Participant)