In-House Training Courses

Are you looking for an in-house training event specifically tailored to the needs of your team members?

We are always happy to design our in-house training courses to the knowledge level and expertise of the course participants.  

We can help you with a pre-assessment to help investigate which topics would be the most beneficial for your team members and mix and match our shorter and longer courses and presentations to meet your expectations. 

Organizations we worked with 

Over the years we worked with many great organisations across Europe  

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What our participants say


  • Thank you very much for all your information and support before and during the training course. I found the training course very interesting and well organized, and for sure it will be a very useful tool in the future.

    ISPA - Institute of Applied Psychology

  • The training was very good and I will recommend it to all my working colleagues.

    Universidade Nova de Lisboa

  • Thank you very much for delivering such an informative Webinar providing a detailed overview of the EU programs! I really appreciate it and I will continue to attend the webinars as I am interested in this in the long run.


  • I just attended the webinar, it was insightful.

    Cheeky Scientist

  • The information obtained in the Course will be extremely useful to apply in the projects that are underway and in the next projects.

    Universidade NOVA de Lisboa