Agile Exploration and Geo-modelling for European Critical Raw materials

New environmental, economic and societal requirements in the EU’s transition to a low-carbon and digital economy call for innovative methods, technologies and techniques to be developed and applied in mineral exploration. To unlock the CRM potential in Europe, AGEMERA will conduct local state-of-art geological and geophysical surveys over a total of ~4,700 km2 in order to detailly map CRM resources in 6 EU countries and 1 third country (Zambia). The geophysical field trial surveys will demonstrate three novel non-invasive survey methods (at up to a TRL5) based on remote sensing and related data analysis:

1) passive seismic methods,

2) multi-sensing drone system combining magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic sensing, and

3) muon-based multidetector density detection system. 

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