FP7-Winter Academy 2012

One week at Lake Velence

We spent last week at the Velence lake, which is approximately an hour away from Budapest next to Székesfehérvár. It’s still not clear to me if this would be the second or third largest lake in Hungary (wikipeida tells it’s the 3rd) but what is clear is that it was a very nice, interesting and fun week :)


As the name suggests, FP7 Winter Academy is mainly about FP7 at least day time. Evening time was spent in the spa, in the restaurant and in the bar or at the ping pong table. The weather conditions helped to give the real feeling of a Winter Academy, the lake was frozen and it was all beautiful white outside.

One evening we went for a tour to Budapest with a guide, and I also learnt something new, in addition what I already knew about Hungarian history and culture. It was about the Hungarian language. Apparently it’s a visual language and an example to illustrate could be the word „Egészség which means health, but literally means „the state of being complete”. This was very interesting for me.


Personally, I also learnt many other things from hours of conversations, all kind of topics and lots of joking.  I’ve told it before, but for me the greatest thing with the trainings must be all the people with different background and from different countries coming together for a few days to enjoy each others' company and share experiences. I also somewhat improved my ping pong skills even if not enough to win the tournament. Maybe next time :)


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