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What if the coordinator withholds information from the partners that they should know?

 I woke up before 5am today with a slightly paranoid idea in my head. It is still there, so I am wondering if anyone has a hypothetical solution.

What if the coordinator withholds information from the partners that they should know? It is not an existing case, but because of a friendly discussion I had a few days ago the idea does not want to go away.

Let's say that you will have a reporting deadline coming up and you have this feeling in your gut that should know about a problem the EC has with the project. I was thinking of a few reasons why the coordinator would not share.

Well, the first is the worst, which is that they are incompetent and let's say they choose rather not to deal with the problem then getting embarrassed. Then there is the option that they do not want to bother the partners with problems, they will solve it because this is what coordinators do.

Or, they want to wait till they figure out the solution and then present the problem and the solution together to the partners. I am sure I could come up with something more creative, but it is too early for that.

So besides the fact that the coordinator has the contractual obligation to share the information with the partners what else I can come up with? Because of a gut feeling I do not go around and contact the officer, I might cause more troubles.

The psychological phases the partners are going through in such a case could be an interesting topic for analysis. Joking? Yes, but why not? Comments are welcome.


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