The perfection in the imperfection

or the art of looking naturally good in the right moment :)

Stand there, turn a bit, back and down with your shoulders, relax, smile, open your eyes, make your hair more lively but less wild, turn your head here and there, and just look NATURAL… :) 

Last Friday was an unusual day at the office, Erika and Zsolt from Filmkovacs and even a make-up artist came to make photos of all the team for the new design of our website.

They were really nice and I especially admire their patience... I think at least I was not the easiest target, it is not so easy to look naturally good on command. Somehow, I always found something which I wanted differently with the picture. I guess I just wanted it PERFECT, but the perfection is in the imperfection, right?

The fun part has been the brainstorming for the new structure, text and design - everyone with ideas on what would be useful and what would look good, suggestions, contradictions and compromises, like it should be :)

So, now we are just waiting to get the pictures and in the meanwhile we are finalising the other parts of the site,  I cannot wait to see the result!



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