New Year Resolutions in 2015: Europa Media is here to help achieve some of them

2015 is full of new opportunities and challenges

When I decided to write this blog post, I was fully aware that this topic could seem rather trivial as after the holidays people are full of immediate desire to shed those extra kilos they put on during the weeks of celebrations; they also share same demotivators about joining the gym, getting a promotion/job, spending more time with family, finding love and sorting out their finances.

However, I think that New Year resolutions can be inspiring and motivating, if you actually believe that 2015 will become a more successful year and start working towards your goals, not putting them off until “next” Monday or the beginning of February or even spring.

Keeping in mind the importance of family time and staying fit, what if this year you focus on your professional achievements and take up a creative approach?

You always wanted to implement your brilliant idea on food recycling but never had the courage to team up with other experts or the knowledge on how to write a successful project proposal?


  • It is high time to accomplish your goal and learn all about funding instruments offered by the European Union. You can start by checking the homepages of the different funding programmes of the EU (e.g. Horizon 2020, COSME, Erasmus+) as well as our summaries of the 2014-2020 programmes in one place. And also consider signing up for Europa Media’s training courses on Proposal Development to be held in Brussels in February and April.

As a project manager, are you constantly stressed during the financial reporting period being confused about all those eligible and non-eligible costs and other technicalities of FP7 and Horizon 2020?

  •  This year you can enrich your knowledge and become a true expert in financial management and reporting with our upcoming course on Project Management and Financial Reporting to be held in Vienna in February.

You have administrated many projects under different EU programmes, but still want to master your financial skills?

  • In 2015 you can set the goal of perfecting your financial management systems and reports as we will tell you everything about Horizon 2020 financial rules and EC audits during our Master of Finance and Administration courses to be held in Vienna as soon as January or later in March in Munich.

If your 2015 resolution is either to make an important career change (start managing the projects you conducted research about), learn a new skill (proposal writing) or find a team of experts to work with on common goals, our resolution at Europa Media is to help you achieve your goals by providing comprehensive information, consultancy and practical tips on EU research and innovation funding aspects.

Remember, 2015 is full of new opportunities and challenges, so be proactive and follow your dreams!



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