Geothermal science was never so sweet!

World Geothermal Congress

Sometimes EU projects can take you to unexpected directions and open new horizons for you. In my case, the FP7 Geothermal Communities project brought me as far as... down under!

From 19 to 24 April, the World Geothermal Congress takes place in Melbourne, Australia, covering topics relating to earth science and engineering, but also more general ones such as environmental and social aspects, legal and regulatory aspects or geothermal education, and very special ones like EGS – Enhanced Geothermal Systems, Hot Sedimentary Aquifers (HSA) or health, tourism and balneology.

Since I don’t usually fly more than 30 hours in a row every week, I also took the chance to tour the marvellous island of Tasmania and get enchanted by its breathtaking views.

Longer updates will follow about the Congress findings and my networking achievements. In the meantime, please enjoy these unique panorama pictures I managed to take.



And when in doubt about participating in an EU funded project or not, think thoroughly about where it may take you!

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