Europa Media launches the next generation training courses on EU Project Management

What is the best way of learning how to successfully manage your EU-funded research and innovation project?

There are several companies on the European market providing training programs on managing EU-funded projects. Some of them are “innovators” and “early adopters” and some of them – let’s say – “are playing safe”.

To describe Europa Media’s unique practice-based approach in delivering such training courses, we have been using terms such as “learning-by-doing”, “hands-on-approach”, and “based 100% on experience”, and emphasising that “the trainers are flash and bone project managers”.

Now, what our team has come up again can be called “the next generation of training courses”. We invite you to spend a week with us at our premises!

Europa Media is launching an all-new training format in autumn 2015: a five-day intensive training programme, which will be held in Budapest on 19-23 October 2015, covering all theoretical and practical aspects of coordinating and managing projects under the EU’s research and innovation programmes.

This new programme seeks to address a recurring demand of our past participants: to have more time to analyse in-depth all the details of project management and financial reporting under FP7 and Horizon 2020. Having this in mind, we will host a comprehensive five-day training admitting only ten participants, so that their learning experience will be really customised and focused.

The training course will be held at Europa Media’s premises, in Graphisoft Park, Budapest. This choice was made with a clear intention: first of all, participants will be better followed by our trainers, who are actual project managers and coordinators and will offer practical examples from real-life scenarios and projects; secondly, the Park is a real innovation and technology hub, offering networking opportunities with employees of prestigious companies – Microsoft, SAP, Samsung and Canon to name a few.


The programme will be implemented through our usual learning-by-doing approach, which consists of a number of applied teaching methodologies, including presentations, practical workshops, on-the-job exercises and personal consultations.

The training will cover issues in Project Management and Technical Reporting (Grant Agreement negotiations, Getting started with your project, Efficient project management systems in practice, Consortium Agreement, IPR issues in practice, Technical reporting, Technical reviews) and in Financial Management and Reporting (Financial rules of FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects, Eligible and non-eligible costs, cost statements, Different calculation methods of Personnel costs, Allocation of Travel costs, Equipment, Other costs, and Overheads, Subcontracting and third parties, Uploading of reports to the Participants portal).

Three different workshops will be conducted:

1. Financial Reporting: Putting together and submitting a financial statement working on dummy invoices, salary slips and time-sheets;

2. Technical and Legal Management: working on case studies and real-life scenarios to experience what can go wrong during a project;

3. EC Audits: you will walk in the EC auditors’ shoes for a day and experience “the other side”.

This new training programme has been designed to support all those who are competitively participating or intend to participate in FP7 and/or Horizon 2020 projects and want to master technical and financial project management skills.

Further information and registration is available at:

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