Perks of Being a Project Manager

List of perks all project managers enjoy

According to the Business Dictionary definition[1], project management is “the body of knowledge concerned with principles, techniques, and tools used in planning, control, monitoring, and review of projects.” Consequently, a project manager is a person with necessary knowledge and skills who is responsible for overall project implementation throughout the full project lifetime.

Most people do not have a clear idea of what project managers really do, guessing within the range of frequent travelling, endless meetings and routine paperwork. However, there is much more to project management, as it is a rather demanding job, requiring full devotion, concentration, ability to negotiate, supervise and propose timely creative solutions.

No matter how difficult it can be at times, there are many advantages of being a project manager. Here is the (non-exhaustive) list of perks all project managers (and sometimes their family members, friends and colleagues) enjoy:

  • Travel opportunities

Project managers often travel to various meetings in order to monitor the project progress, discuss project activities, establish new contacts and meet stakeholders, present project achievements. In many cases, it is considered as a bonus, as one can discover new places around the world. However, for some project managers who are running several projects at the same time, travelling can be exhausting as they end up spending too much time at the airports changing flights and rushing from one meeting to another across Europe. Therefore, a good tip would be to take additional days when travelling, in order to enjoy new spots after all business meetings.

  • Meeting new people

Project managers usually keep in touch with a wide range of experts as sometimes networking might be your key to success - you can meet a key expert for your new project idea and even a new good friend. Meeting professionals and enthusiasts from different countries is truly rewarding for the professional development as well, as one can learn a lot on specific project topics.

  • Improved time management

Ideally, professional project managers do not miss deadlines and are not late for the meetings. As they value their own time, as well as the time of others, it is also reflected in their everyday life: practice of planning the summer vacation ahead (which usually is cost-saving too), complete schedule of theatre performances to see next year (as the tickets might be sold out) and even the choice of the nursery school for your 3 months old baby :)

  • Nourishing creativity in everyday life

Being often under the pressure to provide quick solutions to overcome unexpected obstacles in project implementation, project managers tend to apply their prompt analytical skills in daily life. They are always full of creative ideas and provide alternative solutions to everyday situations faster, when others can start panicking or simply give up.

  • Ordered routine

It is actually not as dull as it may sound. It is true, most project managers tend to make lists for everything, but isn’t it useful to have a full list for the grocery shopping and be always on time with your household payments? Moreover, attention to details necessary for project management can be unexpectedly useful when checking the bills for any overcharges.

  • Job satisfaction

Project management is never boring, as the process that starts with describing your idea in the project proposal through the thrill of winning the funding for it and with the final stage of successful project completion is truly satisfactory. It encourages new project ideas and forms your reputation of an accomplished project manager.




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