Europa Media's Grants Portal

Europa Media launches new service – the Grants Portal

In the beginning of September 2015, Europa Media unveiled its new service, EM Grants Portal – a unique funding database.

We have done extensive research and concluded that many websites are limited to listing scholarships for MA and PhD students or funds for specific thematic research or calls targeting research organizations. Therefore, there was a need for a website that would include funding available for different target groups and we decided to develop such a portal.

EM Grants Portal targets PhD students, researchers, organizations and universities working on various research topics – from health to nanotechnologies. We collected an extensive database of funding programmes, grants, fellowships, awards and contests available all over the world. Broad geographic coverage is a distinctive feature of our Grants Portal.

While we specialize in technical nuances of EU funding programmes, we made a decision to extend our knowledge to funds from other countries. Now you can check what grants are offered in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or even Indonesia.

EM has invested a lot of effort into technical development of the Grants Portal, offering you a unique search engine and an interactive funding map. While the advanced search feature enables the users to quickly sort programmes based on the source/eligible country, language, supported activities, target groups and programme status, the funding map makes search even easier and visualizes available funding depending on your country of origin and your preferred destination.

We will continue extending our database on the Grants Portal. If your organization or university provides funding instruments for international researchers, post-graduate students or managers of research organizations, you can contribute by uploading relevant information. We will advertize it free of charge.

We hope you will find our new service useful and we wish you the best of luck with future applications!

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