Attending at the NACUE’s Student Enterprise Conference

Go student entrepreneurs!

I had the chance to attend NACUE’s Student Enterprise Conference (SEC) at UCL on the weekend of February 20th-21st, which has been organised in partnership with our MY-WAY project. As some of you might remember, MY-WAY is about supporting young adults in becoming successful web entrepreneurs.

The SEC was full of inspiring talks, practical workshops and networking opportunities. The talks for young people were encouraging and answered many questions they had in mind as well as had many tips how to deal with the next steps ahead. You should have felt the energy coming from these young people! It was inspiring for all of us.

During a panel session held on Sunday the experts talked about “Reaching your true target market” a thought could not leave my head: this is tough! I would not do it now! For me, a project manager with more than 12 years of experience, a managing director of a small enterprise, some of the talks were kind of frightening. A young entrepreneur nowadays has to be prepared to face many challenges and has to have skills to cope with many unexpected problems. Especially on the market of ICT and telecommunications the life of a start-up might be extremely short.


MY-WAY is about them. We can help these people to be successful implementing their own ideas. Help with contacts, help with networking, access to information they need etc. And by giving access to many other European initiatives they have no idea about.

The MY-WAY team had 8 sessions on the conference, including workshops on pitching your idea, panel on how to learn from failure, etc. Read here more about our sessions.

But the main conclusion of the conference for us was: students and other young adults do not know how they can benefit from the support given by the European Commission through direct funds or through the initiatives the EU supports.

Here I am sharing our prezi about EU funding opportunities for young startups

Please share, forward. The information about available EU funding and the links to the Startup Europe initiatives could provide the next valuable step for many of these students.

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