Hello from the other side!

My dear H2020 friends, followers, enthusiasts, experts, and freaks.

Today I am sitting in my home and brainstorming how to revolutionize our traditional face-to-face courses and transform them into an online format.

Times of crisis encourage us to think in different ways and consider options we would have pushed away without any consideration before. If someone told me I would have spent 8 hours sitting in one room with Ömer, the company’s COO, breathing the same air for the whole day and talking to a big screen.. I would have replied: no way.

Offices are closing, employees are reallocated to home office workstations, and many of you (me included) need to seriously cope with this human instinct to place our head on a soft pillow, wrap ourselves in bedsheets and have a SHORT nap.

But HEY! This is not the time for laziness and inertia. This is the best moment for self-improvement, reading books, painting, doing Disney puzzles (no me…), learning to cook (again, not me..). Let’s use this golden opportunity to discover something new, invest our time in improving our skills and write successfully a H2020 proposal. Knowledge is not in quarantine, and our freedom to learn is not taken away!


We did not forget that there is the last round of call openings to benefit from in this 2020, one of these is just happening in April. If you have free time (and we know you do), join Ömer, Gabriella and me next Thursday for a one-day training course on proposal development.

We will talk about our successful fiascoes and unfortunate victories and share useful tips for a sound proposal development under H2020. All this with a close look at Horizon Europe, which is knocking on our doors and needs to be properly understood before January 2021.

In the afternoon, to wake up after lunch, we have prepared interactive quizzes, group exercises, and e-learning solutions to practice and digest all the information discussed during morning presentations.

Bring your enthusiasm, spirit, questions, and stories to share! Register here and see you on the 2nd of April. If you cannot join this one, do not despair, you will still have a chance to enroll for the next one happening on the 15th of April.

Ah, yes! If you are new to this game, register and start learning the basics with our Course 0, an introductory course, in e-learning format, which will help you refresh your knowledge or learn some basic information on Horizon 2020 proposal development before we start.

Stay strong, beers with friends, cinemas, concerts and big hugs will come back soon!

PS: if you read my blog till the very end, I want to reward you with a 50% discount for my course. I am such a nice person… Just add this code when you purchase the course: EMT80773709. And make sure you use it by the 31st March. Do it now, or we both know you’ll forget about it later!

See you virtually there!



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