Extraordinary times require disruptive measures

Innovative ways to teach EU project management.

We are all facing something that was previously unimaginable. Lock-downs, social distancing, travel bans and working from home became part of our routine from one day to the next. Face-to-face meetings, networking events, and our beloved training courses are fading memories...

But it’s ok. What else can we do? We simply have to stay home, accept the situation and get on with it. It's hard to imagine that only last year, Europa Media trainers - me, Gabriella, Ömer and Krisztina - spent more than two months travelling across Europe to deliver what we are best known for: training courses on Horizon 2020 (soon Horizon Europe) and personalised assistance and mentorship to participants who work in R&I projects. I alone met over a thousand researchers and managers on our events last year – hard to believe, right?

It’s also true that these are the times in which humans get more creative. Disruption is triggered by challenges and our entrepreneurial spirit is there to assist us. So we have actually taken this opportunity to do something that was always at the back of our minds, somehow like that hiking trip I have been postponing for years now…

So, it’s with great pleasure that I would like to introduce you to our Europa Media e-Courses series! These courses are the result of great teamwork: the whole company contributed to redistributing, cutting and adjusting our courses and making them online-friendly. But our essence remains: experience and knowledge at its best. Our straight-to-the-point approach mixed with our first-hand experiences will still provide you all the insights possible on how to run your projects in the most efficient way.

Curious? These short, but condensed, e-Courses will guide you from the practical insights of Horizon Europe to the post-project EC audits on R&I projects; from call analysis to data management plans. Five series evenly distributed across thirty-five episodes – just enough to get you hooked, but not enough to bore you. Just like your favourite TV show.

Each e-Course was designed with clear goals in mind: to help you develop your skills, manage your projects, write your proposals, or, why not, simply invest in your future. Just to stay in the audiovisual theme here, our e-Courses won’t be longer than a good ninety-minute film. And all include the Q&A with the director at the end :)

If by Autumn we are pandemic free, we will add all types of courses, consultancies and events to our calendar and it would be great to meet up. Let’s hope that by then things will go back to normal – maybe a new type of normal, but at least allowing us to meet, share stories, and laugh while learning the insights of the Horizons.

Till then, let’s catch up virtually!





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