Ambassadors for Conscious Business Culture in Hungary

Let’s keep celebrating our 20th anniversary! Out of coincidence, only a couple of weeks ago we were awarded a prize for Conscious Business Culture by Bridge Budapest. In this interview, we discussed with Krisztina Tóth, Director of Corporate Affairs at EMG Group, what this award is about and why it’s important to us.


So, how did our collaboration with Bridge Budapest begin?

We have been collaborating with Bridge Budapest for a while now, and since the beginning we knew that we shared the same values which lay at the foundation of how a company should be managed in order to contribute to the community and run impactful activities. 

Last year Bridge Budapest launched the Conscious Business Culture initiative, and that’s when we thought it was time to show what we do and join the community of organisations which are building their businesses alongside the values set in the Manifesto of the initiative. In fact, the awardees of this prize are entrepreneurs and businesses which share a common vision: doing impactful activities and providing support to entrepreneurs.

How does this award work?

On the website of the initiative any business owner can fill in the self-assessment test that checks various aspect of the operation of the company. Based on test results different level of certification can be awarded. Only if you score above 80%, you become entitled to use the Conscious Business certification.

Ambassadors of the Conscious Business Culture, like us, are willing to share their values, experiences and best practices with others and inspire them to become a conscious business. The next event where you can meet the Ambassadors  will be on 17th March, and anyone can join and meet like-minded people.

First meeting of the Ambassadors in Budapest, 11th of February.


What does this prize mean to you?

Well, it means that we must be doing something right!

Being awarded this prize also means that we managed to pass on these values to our employees, who are encouraged and fully supported in initiating and implementing impactful activities and business ideas.


How does the company reflect those values?

People are key. They represent the values we have at company level and their motivation is at the foundation of how EMG Group works. Our people are all open to go the extra mile and are comfortable with bringing new values and ideas, that keep us and them on the path of continuous development.


“I joined the company in 2016 and felt valued since the beginning. From my personal experience, I can say that if you show a particular interest in specific fields the management will give you their full support. For instance, over the years I have developed a strong interest for data science, which is a field that goes beyond my academic expertise. After discussing it at company level, the company was ready to finance some of my studies and right now I'm working on opening a stream of activities related to this topic!“

Frosina Ilievska, Senior Project Manager, EMG Group


Do you think your company can also be an Ambassador?

Then take the test created by Bridge Budapest.


Would you like to meet the other Ambassadors?

Meet them at Bridge Business Lunch&Learn on 17th March where you’ll have the possibility to network over lunch and join some workshops.

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