200 km for a van full of chairs

Support a class, build a future.

It was one day like any other. I went to the office, and I see a couple of people taking away a significant number of black chairs. 

My first thoughts were: Where were all these chairs all this time? It really made me think of my poor attention to detail when it comes to office furniture. And before I could ask myself the second question, Gabor told me that he donated those chairs to a school in Dunasziget, in the Győr-Moson-Sopron county.

Before then, I had never really given much thought to donating unused furniture, at least not at that scale. At an individual level, it's easy for us to donate clothes, kitchenware, and anything else you stop using, or you have to get rid of since you're moving out.

What can I say: it was a beautiful sunny day in Budapest, and seeing that those black chairs could have a second life made me happy. I wanted to learn more about the cooperation we had with Koszisz Timaffy Endre Primary School. Before the school representatives could leave, we managed to do a short interview with the school principal herself, Nagyné Giczy Zsuzsa, a kind woman who didn't mind driving 200 km to pick up those chairs.

Where is the school located?
The school is located in the north-west part of Hungary, in a small village a couple of hours away from Budapest. 

How many pupils are there? 
It's a small school, there are 107 kids. They are split between kindergarten and nursery.

How is the donated furniture from Europa Media helping the school and its development? 
It helps a lot because furniture and wardrobes are always needed. This allows us to spend our budget on other types of materials and areas such as the playground and on sports equipment. 

How do you see the cooperation with Europa Media and your school in the future?
Receiving unused furniture is already a huge help, we hope to keep it this way.

Donating what you don't need anymore can mean the world to someone else, and it's great for the environment. After that day, I started checking out organisations that work on these types of donations, and of course, there are plenty. I just never used Google for this purpose. 

And you? Has your employer ever donated office furniture? 

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