Horizon Results Platform: new features

Horizon Europe will bring about greater reporting responsibilities regarding the impact and the measures designed to maximize it.

"Dear Framework Programme Participant,

We would like to invite you to join us in the newly revamped Horizon Results Platform!, the central pillar of the EC-funded research results "exploitation ecosystem."

Does this sound familiar to you?

Horizon Europe will bring about greater reporting responsibilities regarding the impact and the measures designed to maximize it. One of the rewarding structures designed to promote the achievement of highly impactful results while at the same time rewarding beneficiaries is the Horizon Results Platform. The "reward" consists of providing the beneficiaries of FP7, H2020  and Horizon Europe funding programs with a free, online space where they can essentially "advertise" the Key Exploitable Results (KER's) of their projects to desired audiences and key stakeholders.

The EC is investing great efforts in promoting its new Horizon Results Platform, which has turned one year recently. If you are an FP7 or H2020 beneficiary, you must have received an email announcing the Platform in the past months.

The Platform is hosted under the Funding & Tenders Portal to make it easy for beneficiaries to manage their results in a single and safe environment. Moreover, it assists beneficiaries in matchmaking by collecting information relevant to the type and nature of their project result, including specific needs, result's maturity, and policy influence. It uses this information to assist those visiting the Platform to discover available result profiles. In simple terms, it means that each beneficiary, besides showcasing its Horizon Europe outputs, can clearly state what kind of support is needed for the result to be fully exploited. In turn, the portal triggers services and opportunities at no cost– depending on the nature and needs of your result(s). It allows the EC to inform beneficiaries about relevant upcoming calls for proposals, pitching events with investors, possibilities for assistance with dissemination plans, business development plans, innovation management, IP management, and many more.

Publishing outputs on the Horizon Results Platform is free and can be done at any time during the implementation of the project and after, whenever your results are ready for utilization. What is more, each Horizon Europe recipient will have an obligation to make its project results visible on the Platform one year after the end of the project if, despite the best effort for exploitation, no uptake happens. Additionally, according to the rumor mill, the EC is thinking of preparing a questionnaire to inquire about the needs and obstacles confronted to understand what kind of support is needed by beneficiaries with their R&I results after this year of no exploitation. This questionnaire might be part of the EC grant management system and will remain open until the follow-up period after the project's end, where a final report will be created. Beneficiaries can update the status at any time during this period.

Mariya Gabriel praises the platform and considers it the place where ‘EU Research project results can flourish into innovations that contribute to our society and economy, and to a sustainable future!’. The Horizon Results Platform has the potential to grow exponentially, and it’s great to make all results from EU projects visible to everyone and give them an extra hand to be further exploited. Now it’s up to us to make results which make the Platform proud!

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