Have you heard of the New European Bauhaus?

If you would like beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive places to live together after the pandemic, then this is for you.

Yesterday January 18th, the #NewEuropeanBauhaus was launched, a call on imagination to build together a green and inclusive future “that is beautiful to our eyes, minds and souls”.

Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, announced this collective process that invites designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students, entrepreneurs, and creative minds to discuss challenges, worries and imagine solutions that shape the future.

With the eyes on a post-pandemic world, a great opportunity to reshape Europe arrived and the new European Bauhaus wants to take advantage of it by turning Europe into a place where life is affordable, the planet is protected, and style matches sustainability.

  “What would beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places be like?”

  “If it was our neighbourhood, how should that look like, feel like, work like?”

   How would we share the space and what would be our new habits?

  What if the new buildings were spaceships?... or like a bird's nest, or a flower, or a tree?

If you can answer some of the following questions, then you must join the conversation!

Get inspired, imagine a place where diverse cultures, disciplines, genders and ages coexist in harmony, think of enriching experiences, let your imagination fly and create ways of co-living with nature. Share your views and let's shape our future, together.

For more information on this imaginative and utopic initiative, visit the official website.

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