How writing a proposal

is similar to cooking...

Few days ago someone asked me some advices on how to write a proposal and I told some FP7 tips and tricks.

In the evening, I thought about it further and I realized that I forgot to tell the most important; that inspiration must accompany the intellectual efforts and hard work to make it successful.

Actually, writing a proposal is very similar to cooking. You need good quality ingredients, love and attention. Speaking about quality ingredients; I’m not putting an equal sign between your partners and some carrots. I’m also not telling that the expensive research equipment in your lab is a cooking pan, but there is one thing in common, they need to be excellent for a successful result.

But look at the similarities; you look for the best ingredients and make sure they fit and complement each other. You mix them in suitable amounts and let them reinforce each others’ qualities.

Once it is all ready it can be presented and (hopefully) enjoyed.

And imagine that you pick the wrong mushroom in the forest... Choosing the wrong partner will not kill you but it might kill your proposal…  

And yes, of course you also need someone to enjoy and appreciate your efforts. May it be your friends for the dinner or the stakeholders and the society as wider audience for the project…

Enjoy your work in those busy times of proposal writing and FP7 deadlines and don’t forget to have fun.. :)

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