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Increase your project’s visibility with the Horizon Results Booster!

From communication to dissemination and exploitation of your FP7, H2020 and Horizon Europe project.

Increase your project’s visibility with the Horizon Results Booster!

If you’re running an H2020 project – or run an FP7 project - and have some trouble with increasing its visibility, check out the Horizon Results Booster.

The Booster is a tool developed by Meta Group that offers a wide range of services that should help you in your Horizon journey, from the communication of your project to exploitation.

The tool is completely free of charge, and its aim is to maximise the impact of your project.

Is your project eligible?

All EU-funded projects are eligible, either directly (i.e. FP7, H2020, Horizon Europe) or indirectly funded (e.g. KICs).

What services are provided?

  • Service 1: Portfolio Dissemination and exploitation Strategy.
    • Module A: Identification and creation of the portfolio of R&I project results – the application is open to both individual projects and project groups.
    • Module B: portfolio Dissemination Plan (design and execution) – the application is open only for project groups.
    • Module C: Assisting projects to improve their existing exploitation strategy.  
  • Service 2: Business Plan Development – only for single projects, and the Booster will only focus on 1 Key Exploitable Result.
  • Service 3: Go to Market – 6 support typologies are available; some are for individual projects and others for groups.

You can request more services at once, as there will be different experts delivering them.

Why should you use the Horizon Results Booster?

As you know impact is an important section of your Horizon Europe proposal, and you can generate impact if you have a good Dissemination and Exploitation strategy.

When should you request those services?

The sooner the better! Module A and Module C are the entry level point of this service so try to use them around month 6 of your project lifetime.

How do you apply?

Just go on the Horizon Booster website and start the application process. Fill in your application form, with grant agreement number, coordinator and PO name. Once the registration has been approved, you’ll be alerted. Keep in mind you can only request those services once.

Once you’ve submitted your application, and it’s been verified by the EC you’ll be connected to specific experts according to type of request. And within 10 days you’ll be able to start using the booster!

Let us know when you try it and share with us your opinions!


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