Info Day on Climate, Energy and Mobility

Attend Horizon Europe Cluster 5 Info Day on 3rd February

Learn about the upcoming calls, and meet potential partners. 

Following the first Info Day on Cluster 5 held on July 2021, the European Commission has prepared a second one.  

The event will be streamed online on 3 February at 10:00 AM CET, and there is no need to register.  

At the event, you will hear more substantial information about the upcoming open calls, learn some insights on the evaluation process and meet potential partners for your proposals at the brokerage event on 4 February. 

  • Click here to join the Info Day.  
  • Click here to join the brokerage event and meet possible future partners.  


What is Cluster 5?  

One of Europe’s objectives is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Within the Horizon Europe programme, Cluster 5 focuses on those specific issues. Cluster 5 projects will fight climate change through a wide range of open calls by better understanding its causes and impacts. One way of solving this major issue is to make energy and transport sectors friendlier to the climate and the environment. 

Relevant documents and resources:  


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