EARMA Conference 2012

Europa Media has recently become a member of EARMA, the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators.

I attended the EARMA annual conference last week in Dublin, which has been organised just before ESOF 2012. It has been a successful and very well organised event at the Trinity College.

I heard several useful presentations and discussions on FP7, Horizon 2020 and many other topics.

The members gave me interesting new ideas about how we could cooperate with more organisations and support further the universities and their research support and grant offices all around Europe.

Many of the members are former Europa Media training participants and it was very nice to meet with some of you/them in person again. Should any of you have further ideas or continue the discussions, please do contact me.


During the summer, besides working on new projects, we will be updating our Horizon 2020 page (http://www.eutrainingsite.com/2014-2020.php?id=106#euf), extending the e-learning topics and the distance learning services as well as working hard on the 2014-2020 portal!
So do not forget to come back after your holiday to discover the news in the autumn!

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