The art of finding project partners

How do you find your project partners?

From training participants and clients, I often get the question „how to find good partners??” and while I have my ideas of doing it, I wonder how do you select yours? 

What is the good balance between involving new partners to bring some specific expertise contra the risk that they are not performing?

Lately I’ve been in some interesting discussions about the importance of a common understanding of the project; maybe the partner you believe is not performing well is just having a different view of what should be done and how...  Unfortunately sometimes, it’s enough that the person in charge of the project at one orgasniation changes and the cooperation is suddenly totally different…
There is no need to say that the partners must be chosen carefully, of course the right selection is important, not only for good results and outcome but also for smooth and enjoyable implementation.

Partners should have the necessary skills to implement the activities, and bring relevant expertise into the project etc, but the ability and willingness to cooperate should also not be underestimated. I think we all know or can imagine what a nightmare  to  work with someone you simply cannot understand…

At the same time, good partners and true cooperation makes it a pleasure to work and tricky issues can be solved and crazy deadlines met…

All the EU projects have their own aim and activities, but they serve at the same time to foster cooperation and help us understanding each other. We can learn a lot working together, exposure to best and worst practices is very useful...:)

So what do you think? There is all kind of online services for the purpose but do they really work? 

If you would design one, how would it look like?

Are international brokerage events useful? And whatever good way of finding partners, the question remains, how to know if they will be good??

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