12th DIVERSE conference

3-6 July 2012; Leuven, Belgium

From 3 to 6 July 2012,

the 12th edition of DIVERSE will take place at Arts Centre STUK in Leuven (Belgium). This conference is organized by Media and Learning Unit, KU Leuven in co-operation with the Diverse Network.
DIVERSE is the leading conference regarding all aspects of video and videoconferencing in education. Past editions took place at e.g. Portland (USA), Dublin (Ireland), Haarlem (The Netherlands), Lillehamer (Norway), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Derby (UK).

But DIVERSE is more than a conference…

It is an event where experts showcase, network, exchange ideas and share experience about their passion: the meaningful use of media for learning.
For more information please visit our website www.diverse2012.eu.
The full programme is available online.
Registration can be done online. Please remember: ‘Early bird’ fees are available until 15 May 2012. 

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