A rainy day, but efficient, fully focused on financial issues

Financial reporting and audit

Today it is nice and sunny, Budapest is showing its best face, not like yesterday...

Participants on our Financial reporting and Audit course (24 April) had a tough one day, but they seemed to enjoy the challenge :)

Exceptionally, Gabor was on time with all his presentations, so we put this date into the diary with a star mark! We also introduced our newly updated financial reporting workshop which was also well perceived. Based on the comments I already have some ideas for further improvement.
The next, extended two-day courses in May (10-11) and June (28-29) will introduce two separate workshops on financial reporting and audits. An excellent example for our practice based (game-based almost :) ) learning approach on trainings. We hope to guarantee a sunny Budapest on those days.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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