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Lessons learnt: The 3 Qs

Last week it was time for the FP7 Autumn Academy. A nice group of people from all over Europe came together in Budapest to discuss small and big things related to EU funding, proposal development and project management, and much more of course... :)

During the course, I also got an email from a previous participant from 2007 (!).  She sent “thank you greetings” to tell me about her new project - it’s always a very good surprise to get such emails! Actually, this is the fifth year of European Funding/FP7 Academies, and little by little, we have improved the concept, learnt from experiences and feedback from the participants, and I’m now very proud to be part of the team organising this course. A bit nostalgic, I’m also thinking of all the people I have had the chance to meet and spend time with, all the stories and good moments shared… At the end, life is made up of all these moments, isn’t it?

It was not different this time; in addition to the lectures and workshops, we had really good time at the guided dinner on the boat, during the sunny walk to the castle area and  wine tasting. I also learnt a few other things, and I’ll be smiling for long thinking of the theory of the 3 Qs (quality, quantity and c(q)ontinuity) – this applies not only to wines but also to many other things…:)

I’m now looking forward to the Winter Academy 2012 :)


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Dissemination and Exploitation in Horizon Europe, a free EC webinar.
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