Busy times or many occasions for celebrations


The past is history, the future is a mystery,
but this moment is a gift, and that is why it is called the present." – Anonymous

I read this on facebook, and it sounds very wise, but it’s difficult to remember in these busy times with proposal writing and reporting and many other ongoing things. Obviously by nature, the reporting represent the past - remembering all the activities, meetings and results and the proposal writing represent the future planning the work for the next coming years.  I enjoy doing all of this, I just wish I had more time...

This autumn has been even more busy than usual (how is that possible...:)) And now it is already December – many things should be finalized before the end of the year, and everyone being in a hurry to comply with all kind of deadlines, big and small. Or maybe it is always this busy in the autumn, but we (read I) tend to forget this from year to year. If yes, it is probably a survival strategy… :)  At the same time, there is the pleasure of accomplishing, completing the activities, achieving the goals and manage deadlines that seemed, if not impossible, at least very challenging...

Especially in such busy periods, it’s extra important to take the time to celebrate, to thank the colleagues for the good work and to remember to have fun at work. And each achieved goal is of course a good occasion for celebration! At Europa Media we are lucky enough to have several nice bottles that we have received during the year from training participants - just waiting for us to have occasions and time to celebrate :)

At the picture below we celebrate a proposal submission by tasting a gift from Norway -
Thank you!




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