ICT VentureGate launches new e-Training tools on investment readiness for SMEs

An FP7 project that aims to facilitate the financing of attractive ICT SMEs


ICT-VentureGate is an FP7 project that aims to facilitate the financing of attractive ICT SMEs, which have participated in the Sixth and/or Seventh Framework Programmes and are seeking sources of venture capital to commercialise the results of their R&D activities. It is working on the creation of innovative solutions to enable effective interactions between SMEs in ICT projects under the Framework Programmes and innovation investors, such as business angels and venture capital investors.

The project is implemented by a Consortium composed of six partners:
Paragon Ltd. from Malta (Coordinator); APRE from Italy; Euro-Consultants Ltd. from Israel;  Geonardo Ltd. from Hungary; Invent SAS and Synbea from France.

ICT VentureGate has created a number of tools aimed to bridge the gap between SMEs and investors, and to assist SMEs involved in ICT projects to access private funding.
These tools include:

  • A matchmaking platform where to date we already have over 200 SMEs and 30 investors registered, who can present their projects, interact and exchange information with the perspective of realising successful deals.
    You are welcome to subscribe: http://www.ictventuregate.eu/makingPlatform.
  • A tailor made e-training course that helps SMEs to prepare themselves for the meetings with investors and improve their investment readiness.

The e-training materials can help you to improve your awareness of early stage investment and private equity investorsThe course will also support you in improving the presentation of your business to investors, increase your chances of getting in contact with investors and to get early stage financing for your business ideas

  • A series of events are being organised where ICT SMEs have the opportunity to get coaching by European experts in order to develop their investment readiness, to meet investors and to present their business ideas for them.

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