Europa Media Trainings

You can count on us!

We offer all sorts of support services that can help you run and manage all aspects of EU projects from proposal stage to their implementation. Would like to have your proposal checked by the eyes of an expert? Do you need a hand with the Communication and Dissemination strategy, project logo, website and design of printed material? Maybe you need a good web platform for kowledge exchange? Thanks to our all-round experience we are confident we can help you on all sorts of different areas.

Communication and Dissemination

We turn ideas into strategies

To have many great ideas is not enough.
We need to understand what we want to communicate, how we want to communicate it, the overall objective and combine it with an effective strategy.
A strong common message can only be created by channelling many voices into one common visual identity, selecting the perfect combination of words, and, above all, planning ahead.

At EM Trainings we have developed countless communication strategies and put them into practice through multiple social media accounts, designing attractive visuals and responding to the changing needs of the projects.

Whether you need a Communication partner for your next EU project or some help in developing online and offline material (e.g. flyers, stands, social media images), get in touch with us!

We are all connected trough creativity

ICT Solutions

Whether you need a project website or an e-learning platform, we have the right solution for you

Website development

The website is the portal to all information and results related to the project. A good structure, a responsive design and good working are essential to achieve the visibility your project deserves! Online discussions, archiving, knowledge exchange and more features can be integrated.

e-Learning material

Depending on the nature of your project, you may have to create eLearning material for others to use. We have a team of education experts who can help you plan your content, and transform it into interactive exercises as well as a team of IT programmers who have a ready learning and content management system for your e-learning courses.

Our goal is to find the best solution

Consultancy services

Let our team of experts guide in all stages of proposal development, project implementation and post-project monitoring

Types of consultancies 

Writing the project concept
Make sure your idea and approach are aligned with the topic text.

Pre-evaluation of proposals
Ask our experts to evaluate your proposal before submission.

Managing your project
Administration, legal issues, communication, setting up management procedures - many challenges will await in your research & innovation project.

Mock audit
In our mock audit, our financial expert will check all financial data and your system on several projects.

Apart from the services mentioned above, we can also help to

  • develop the EU funding strategy (including Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe) at an organisational level;

  • prepare for Horizon Europe;

  • prepare the Grant Agreement;

  • check and improve the Consortium Agreement;

  • solve conflicts and disputes between project partners;

  • solve special legal, technical and financial issues in EU projects.

Our passion is to always share knowledge & experiences
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