New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete, integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems, for civil, industrial and offshore applications

The main goal of Endurcrete Project is to develop a new cost-effective sustainable reinforced concrete for long lasting and added value applications. The concept is based on the integration of novel low-clinker cement including high-value industrial by-products, new nano and micro technologies and hybrid systems ensuring enhanced durability of sustainable concrete structures with high mechanical properties, self-healing and self-monitoring capacities. Among key technologies there are: nano-enabled smart corrosion inhibitors, self-sensing carbon-based nanofillers, multifunctional coatings with self-healing properties and sensorised non-metallic reinforcement systems. Innovative design concepts will be developed for smart installation, disassembly and re-use of the new green pre-cast and cast in place elements aiming at enabling easy recycling and re-using approaches.  

The functionality of the developed concrete structures will be proved under severe operating conditions supported by experimental and numerical tools to better understand factors affecting durability and capture the multiscale evolution of damage as well as to enable service life prediction. Demonstrators will be tested in working sites of tunnels, ports and offshore structures, in order to prove the enhanced durability (+40%, i.e. +30 years) and decreased cost (-35%) of the new concrete systems in such critical applications. Innovation aspects such standardization, life cycle assessments, health and safety and training activities will be performed.

Finally, in order to maximize the exploitation of findings and ensure dissemination and impacts beyond the project duration, business models and plans for the proposed solutions will be developed. 

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