H2020 Support

Horizon 2020 Dissemination and Communication

Through our active participation in H2020 funded Research and Innovation projects we secured strong online visibility, developed powerful dissemination and communication strategies, implemented novel dissemination and communication actions, promoted market exploitation of R&I results, and delivered our distinctive training and capacity building programmes.

We create modern and visually appealing brands for R&I projects, taking into considerations all the different brand’s applications. By carrying the brand presence to every contact point, we assure consistent and strong brands for the project’s audiences.

We continuously manage and update Social Media for over 20 EU projects, reaching out to different audiences adapting the content, channels and visuals for each project. We engage niche and wide target groups through useful, high quality,and interesting content.

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Consultancy services

We can help you in all stages of proposal development, project implementation and post-project monitoring


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How to fit a project idea to a call?


In many cases, you might have an excellent project idea and still, you might have difficulties with finding the perfect call to develop a project. Whether you target a bottom-up or a top-down type of call, you should consider any requirement set down in the text. Particularly when you target a top-down topic in an H2020 work programme, the approach you must follow is to make sure your project idea is perfectly aligned with the topic text.


Proposal development


Each project proposal and consortium is unique. Depending on the call, the complexity of the project, the experience of the partners, etc. the level of the support you might need from a consultant can vary a lot. From an every-day intensive support and being involved in all little steps till having a call two-three times to see if you are on the right track – all is possible – as you need.


Pre-evaluation of proposals


One of the most useful things to do before the submission of the proposal is to give the draft version to another expert who was not involved in the proposal preparation and ask him/her to evaluate the proposal with the same process that the external evaluators will follow when receiving your proposal. 3 hours, not more – the feedback is extremely valuable and will improve your proposal considerably.

Our expert evaluators will:

  • Fill in the individual evaluation report of the specific call where your proposal is intended to be submitted (3 hours)
  • Provide you with detailed comments on how to improve the proposal (as needed)


Preparation for the kick-off meeting


The first steps in the project implementation are crucial. The kick-off meeting is an important first test for the consortium and the project to pass. All coordinators should allocate enough time and effort to properly organise and implement this meeting and the launching phase of their projects. Our experts can provide special assistance in this starting period by:

  • Setting up the management system including administration and communication procedures your project needs
  • Supporting you in the organisation of the kick-off meeting and providing a lecture/training to your partners on their financial and administrative tasks and responsibilities
  • Giving advice in the Grant Agreement preparation and Consortium Agreement preparation


Train your partners


No project works as per the initial plan. Therefore, successful project management is a process of continuous planning and revising. Nothing is certain, but proper planning can help avoid many mistakes. This planning includes understanding which partner in the consortium needs regular, continuous or occasional type of support and which needs training on the rules and requirements of the EU programme from which your project won co-financing.


Financial Reporting – project support


Financial management is our speciality and the backbone for many project managers. The project specific support refers to the following tasks:

  • Monitoring the budget spending of the partners
  • Instruct and support the project partners in preparing and delivering the financial reports with adequate justification
  • Explanations and justifications should be developed and included in the periodic report – we give guidance on what and how to include in the report
  • Support in finding solutions to potential financial problems coming up at the reporting phase
  • Help in understanding and filling in the electronic reporting sections on the Participant Portal


Financial Reporting – organisational support


All the organisations participating in an EU project must have adequate financial and administrative capacities to manage their part of work. This includes procedures, policies and processes to be set up (proper accounting software and accounting procedures, travel policy, bonus policy, hiring policy, value for money selection procedures for subcontractors, and much more …) and tailored to the EU project administration.

Have your system checked before getting involved in the project or before you submit your reports. We can make your life easier, your system safer.


Mock audit


In our mock audit, our financial expert will check all financial data and your system on several projects. This can take place after the official EU financial audit, whose findings determined that you 1) must correct your system and procedures 2) comment on the draft audit report 3) try to avoid negative consequences. What we recommend is to have our financial audit conducted on your projects before the EC representatives visit you and 1) avoid a negative official EC audit 2) correct and/or improve your financial, admin management system 3) submit adjustments to your financial reports if needed.


Other consultancy services


We helped in the past

  • developing the EU funding strategy (including Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe) at an organisational level;
  • preparing for Horizon Europe;
  • in Grant Agreement preparation;
  • checking and improving the Consortium Agreement;
  • solving conflicts and disputes between project partners;
  • solving special legal, technical and financial issues in EU projects.

For the consultancy services listed, or any other that you might need, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in solving your specific case.


ICT solutions



We help EU research projects expanding their messages to the mainstream


From ICT tools to social media, we transform complex content to engage wider audiences.



The pool of experts in Europa Media allows us to be open for many new innovative ideas in many fields. Our primary activities and tasks in research projects include:



  • Training programme development and implementation

  • Creative science communication and the dissemination and promotion of project results

  • Project brand design and implementation

  • Social media research and social media promotion,

  • IT developments, web-based solutions, mobile apps and

  • General project management


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Some of our solutions for EU projects are listed here:


  • The mission of the START2ACT  project is to support young SMEs and startups to save energy and cut costs at their workplace. To fulfill this mission, we are offering free-of-charge mentoring and training activities in nine European countries.


  • INNO-4-AGRIFOOD e-learning courses offer you 13 thematic and animated training modules that:
    • enhance your knowledge and skills to effectively support online collaboration
    • are short and available 24/7 online on the INNO-4-AGRIFOOD website to meet your busy schedule,
    • contain various video and audio features, practical tips and meaningful examples that will make your training experience both constructive and entertaining


  • The FASUDIR project was born to develop new business models and financial supporting tools, to support the necessary building-retrofitting market mobilization in Europe to fulfill EU-targets in 2020 and 2050. The key instrument is the online Integrated Decision Support Tool (IDST), developed to help decision makers to select the best energy retrofitting strategy to increase the sustainability of the whole district.​ From FASUDIR, the FELICITY Decision-support tool was born.


  • LinkTADs brings together world-class research institutes and experts in cross-border cooperation with the aim to coordinate research between the EU and China, thus improving scientific excellence in animal health. An innovative tool, designed by Europa Media in order to help researchers look for available funding covering travel grants, scholarships, exchange programmes, fellowships available for European and Chinese experts working in the veterinary field including animal health and food safety. By completion of the project, the website reached around 5,000 visitors.




See more ICT solutions and examples in our brochure


If you have any question regarding ICT solutions or other services feel free to contact us directly.