The dark side of implementing a lump sum project (December 2023)

60 mins
€ 69.-
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A number of lump sum projects have been launched recently and we are constantly receiving clarifying questions from our training participants. Most questions relate to how to ensure that partners work properly and that work packages are completed on time within the reporting period. The other question is what makes a work package completed and when can it be reported as partially completed? These are very exciting questions, which Krisztina will answer in this webinar.  

Topics covered

  • Tips for creating a strong Consortium Agreement 

  • How to monitor partner’s performance?  

  • What is the difference between Completed and Partially completed Work Packages? 

Who is this webinar for?     

Whether you have already managed projects under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe and need an update or you’re just getting started and it’s your first lump sum project, this webinar will show you actionable tips you need in your lump sum proposals and projects.
The webinar is accessible for 12 months after the purchase under "My Account". 

Krisztina Tóth
Krisztina Tóth
Trainer & Consultant, Director of Corporate Affairs of EMG Group