Personnel cost calculations in HE - Mission impossible? (January 2024)

55 mins
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It’s been more than 3 years since the launch of Horizon Europe, yet the proper personnel cost allocations and reporting rules are a mystery (misery?) to many. Nevertheless, beyond mystery lies a logic (a weird one, though), that must be followed by all Beneficiaries. Significantly different from the one we got used to in Horizon 2020, so we all have to change the way we used to do the math.  

Join us to hear our top tips for making your personnel cost reporting and allocation fully up to the Horizon Europe rules. We will introduce our calculation wizards to ensure that your reports are flawless and reimbursement is maximised!  


Topics covered 

  • Reporting-period based calculation versus the alternative option – which one to use?  

  • How to handle (maternity/sick) leaves when calculating the daily rate? 

  • How to consider part-time employments? FTE-levels or day-equivalent? 

  • What to do when one staff member comes or leaves during the reporting period? 

  • How to make balance Horizon Europe with Horizon 2020, if applicable? 

  • And many more! 

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Gábor Kitley
Gábor Kitley
Trainer & Consultant, CEO of EMG Group