Top tips for submitting proposals under Horizon Europe in 2024 (February 2024)

51 min
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There are good proposals, better ones, and the best ones, which will be awarded funding. But what makes a proposal a winning one? All proposals, including those best ones, have certain shortcomings. However, analyses show that the winning proposals do have a number of features which are common to them. 

Join us to hear our top tips for submitting competitive proposals under the open and forthcoming calls of Horizon Europe. We will introduce our proposal submission checklist to ensure that your chances are maximised!  


Topics covered 

  • How much influence does the partnership have in the success of a proposal?  

  • What issues were systematically highlighted by the evaluators in Evaluation Summary Reports?  

  • What approaches worked well in presenting specific proposal sections (e.g., Impact) for a positive evaluation? 

  • What tools and techniques can we utilise to address all the requirements, including the horizontal aspects, while fitting the page limits? 

  • How should our approach to work plan change in case of lump sum proposals? 

Have your say! The floor will be open for all the participants to share their own views, stories and tips based on their own experience with the first rounds of Horizon Europe calls.
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Ömer Ceylan
Ömer Ceylan
Trainer & Consultant, Managing Director of Geonardo