Typical mistakes in the periodic financial report - How to get your partners prepared? (January 2024)

52 mins
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Calculating correctly eligible costs is not the only task in financial reporting. Project coordinators and partners often do not pay enough attention to identify the deviations from the original estimated budget and explain them appropriately in section 5.2 of the technical report called Deviations.  

Deviation in efforts (PMs) and costs is something that the EC is assessing together with the technical report, so it is important to create a link between the finances and the activities and tasks concerned in technical report. 

However, explaining deviations is not that complicated. In this webinar, Krisztina will share several good practices and tips on how to justify deviations

Topics covered 

  • Financial reporting duties: Coordinator vs. Partner. 

  • Templates to collect financial and finance related information from your Partners. 

  • Expert tips on how to check your Partner’s financial report and identify deviation.

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Krisztina Tóth
Krisztina Tóth
Trainer & Consultant, Director of Corporate Affairs of EMG Group