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How to set up a good consortium agreement in Horizon 2020

By listening to this fast track webinar, draw up an effective Consortium Agreement for your H2020 project.

We will guide you through the different sections of the DESCA 2020 model and explain what and how to include it. Our speakers will introduce real-life scenarios with problematic and challenging situations in H2020 projects where the specific clauses of the Consortium Agreement had to be used.

This online course is not only for lawyers. This course is also for project managers or coordinators like You, who want to understand how an effective Consortium Agreement can help you in solving issues during the implementation. Because there will be issues, for sure…! 

Discussion topics: 

  • Proposal phase: preparing the Consortium Agreement; 
  • Grant Agreement vs. Consortium Agreement;
  • Model Consortium Agreements: DESCA 2020, EUCAR and MCARD-2020 as well as other support structures;
  • DESCA 2020 model: how to address decision-making procedures and management structures, financial and budgetary issues, risk management and conflict resolution mechanisms, IPR and exploitation issues and the Background of the partners in the Consortium Agreements.

The webinar is accessible for 90 days after the purchase under "My Account".