Europa Media Trainings

Essential tools and weapons for top notch coordinators

Our fast track webinar will guide you through the process of establishing an effective management system for your project.

Having a good management system supported by clear and practical tools will enable you to efficiently develop your project results. We will show you the most essential tools that we crafted based on our extensive experience with managing projects and various consortiums. Our knowledgeable speaker will guide you how to plan, incorporate and monitor the most important administrative and financial  tools in your project.

This webinar is for coordinators  and project managers with a diverse experience, from beginners to advanced who wish to introduce innovative tools to their management practices. 

The practical tips, stories and advice from our presenter will be a handy “weapon” in your arsenal to eliminate obstacles that hinder the implementation of your project activities.

Discussion topics:

  • External communication- tracking the efforts of your dissemination strategy. 
  • Internal financial monitoring- how to have effective oversight of your partners finances, how to detect mistakes?
  • Internal technical reporting- learn how to request and keep track of what kind of input you are receiving from your consortium.
  • Quality assurance- consistently track the quality of your project results.
  • Budget- how to effectively monitor budget spending.
  • Risks- create an effective risk register to monitor and mitigate risks.
  • Horizontal issues that you need to consider such as ethics, security and gender.
  • Intellectual property- maximise the exploitation and protection your project results.
  • Understand the basics of data and data management for your project.

In order to download the templates mentioned in the video, check out our Resources page.

The webinar is accessible for 90 days after purchase.