The pitfalls of Horizon Europe Personnel cost calculations

45 minutes
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Have you ever wondered what are the pros and cons of the changes the commission made in the personnel cost calculation in Horizon Europe compared to Horizon 2020?

Do you think you will have less admin because of the daily rate? Fancy of seeing the potential pitfalls and shortcoming of the new mandatory calculation protocols?  

During this short webinar session, we will guide you through the all-new Horizon Europe daily rate-based calculation routes and compare them with the well-known H2020 methods. Quick discussion on the options of time-recording for Horizon Europe – should we keep the hourly-based recording while having a daily-rate? Examples from real life to show how complicated this new EC simplification will be... 

Join us and let’s analyse this challenging topic together! 

Gábor Kitley
Gábor Kitley
Trainer & Consultant, CEO of EMG Group