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The EU Research and Innovation Funding landscape

This recorded presentation - updated in January 2021 - will provide a full picture of the future of EU funding for research and innovation in the 2021-2027 budgetary period.

Financing research and innovation (R&I) will continue to be high on the EU's agenda in the upcoming 2021-2027 financial framework. Understanding the logic of the funding system as well as the political priorities is always the first step.

Get prepared for Horizon Europe, the biggest R&I programme by practical tips, but also to be aware of other programmes and instruments available to finance R&I activities. Synergies and the complementarities between the different programmes will be highlighted based on our well-known hands-on approach.


  • The EU research and innovation agenda for 2021-2027
  • Horizon Europe and other R&I programmes: Digital Europe, Erasmus, LIFE, COSME, Space and many more
  • How to prepare for Horizon Europe
  • Useful information sources

Collect the necessary knowledge that will help you create a strategy and get started for the next seven years of research and innovation funding.

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