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How to smoothly lead an H2020 proposal to submission

Through this webinar explore the right tools to efficiently coordinate your partners and oversee the preparation and submission of your proposal in its technical, financial and administrative aspects.

Coordinating a Horizon 2020 proposal – and eventually a project – is rewarding with many benefits, but also a challenging process.

Practical tips, real-life examples and handy templates will help to discover how to effectively coordinate your proposal and partnership:

  • How to find and choose the right partners and expand your consortium properly in a bottom-up way
  • How to distribute the writing of the proposal amongst the key partners
  • How to effectively mobilise your partners to unleash their full potential in terms of their input to the proposal and mobilisation of their resources
  • What are the key proposal sections that require input to be gathered and consolidated from all partners?
  • How to make sure that your partners provide you with accurate data and input for the budget

Gather useful skills and a practical toolset to better coordinate your ongoing and future Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe proposals.

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