Top tools to keep your Horizon Europe project on track (September 2023)

Efficiently Monitoring Performance and Handling Data Collection in Your EU Project


Point of view: you’re coordinating a Horizon Europe project or you’re one of the other beneficiaries in the consortium, and you’re wondering how to follow up with all the project progress. After all, there’s reporting to the EC coming up your way sooner or later during your project lifetime. 

In this webinar, you’ll get the gist of the importance of setting up an internal monitoring system to implement your project timely and efficiently. We’re going to show you some of the top tools and templates that we’ve gathered from and used in our experience with coordinating and managing our own Horizon Europe projects. And if your consortium partners ask, it’s not double the work, it’s necessary work to help you towards successful reporting to the EC. 


This webinar will cover:   

  • How and when to keep track of project tasks and finances, at different times during your project?  

  • What to do when your project has results to be exploited? How to manage IPR and exploitation? 

  • How to follow up with dissemination and communication activities?  

  • How to monitor foreseen and unforeseen risks? 

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